Research Assistants

Born in Ethiopia, Nebil Ahmed moved to the United States in 2016. He is an undergraduate student at Georgia State University and is majoring in Biology. After completing his senior year at GSU, he is planning on going to medical school. Nebil has been a member of the L-STAR lab since June 2018. Interested in the internal mechanisms of the body, he studies the physiological changes that take place in one’s body when faced with decisions that induce anxiety.    

Cynthia Andrade

Gloria Cudd is an undergraduate student in the Honors College at Georgia State, majoring in psychology. She has been a part of the L-STAR lab since 2018. Following her graduation, she plans on pursuing a graduate degree in clinical psychology. Gloria is broadly interested in internalizing forms of psychopathology and how these internal processes affect social decision making. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, volunteering, and traveling. 

Catalina Echeverry is an undergraduate student at Georgia State University. She is in her senior year and is working towards her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. Catalina is currently working in Dr. Tone’s L-STAR lab as a research assistant and finds the research we’re doing to be very interesting and exciting to be a part of. She loves to go out with her friends and family or draw and paint during her free time.

Kamal Hughes

Chinwendu Iheanacho is currently an undergraduate student at Georgia State University pursing a Nursing degree. She plans to apply to the Accelerated Program so that she can graduate in 2021 instead of 2023. In her spare time she enjoys creative writing, drawing, and volunteering which she does with GSU’s Civic Engagement Office. 

Riley O’Neill

Hillary Ortiz is a senior majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Psychology at Georgia State University. She is currently working on the relationship between violent media exposure on child anxiety and how it is moderated by race based on parenting strategies/behaviors. Outside of the lab, Hillary loves to volunteer at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, do arts and crafts, read, listen, and sing to music, and everything Disney!

Born to Honduran and Ecuadorian parents in Macon, GA, Javier Palacios currently resides in Atlanta, GA and will complete a double major in Neuroscience and Psychology, at Georgia State University by 2021. His particular area of research interest is abnormal sleep and how to modify it. In Dr. Tone’s lab, he is examining how sleep quality in young adults relates to anxiety-provoking early life events. Academia, aside he holds an active memberships in the Collegiate Neuroscience Society and the Philosopher’s Guild.

Javier previously served as an undergraduate assistant in the neuroimaging lab of Jessica Turner, Ph.D., where he discovered that research is his life’s passion. In his spare time, he runs cross country, writes music screenplays, and eats pb&j to Binging with Babish.

Sydney Reese is currently completing her undergraduate degree in psychology at Georgia State University. She plans to graduate in May of 2020. This is Sydney’s second semester working as an undergraduate research assistant in the L-STAR lab. Sydney’s interest lie in cross- cultural psychology, and in the future she hopes to conduct research in international communities typically underrepresented in psychological research.