Dr. Michael Schlund

Dr. Michael Schlund conducts translational behavioral and neuroscience research on basic learning processes and their role in facilitating and maintaining emotional disorders and avoidant decision-making. As a psychologist and researcher, he has maintained an active research program while serving as Director of Neurobehavioral Research Labs at the Kennedy Krieger Institute and at the University of North Texas. Since 2003, Dr. Schlund has been supported by NIH funding for basic research on avoidance, clinical trials research on avoidance in pediatric anxiety disorders, and developmental neuroscience research on vulnerabilities to affective disorders. He has served as a mentor to many junior faculty, postdoctoral students, and numerous undergraduate students at several universities. Along with Dr Erin Tone, he is currently conducting social affective neuroscience research on approach-avoidance decision-making in young adults with and without anxiety disorders.